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Whaley Bridge is in the High Peak District of Derbyshire, UK about 7 miles north of Buxton and 16 miles south-east of Manchester. The Bowling Club's pavilion and bowling green date from 1907. Access is on Buxton Road between the Primary School and the School Garage.

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  • What's On

  • A summary of activities and events in the week ahead plus items of special interest;

    • News and recent bowling results.
    • Bowling Diary.
    • Publicity for open competitions.
    • Saturday Cabaret.
    • Regular event summary.
  • Fixtures

  • Bowling league fixtures for the season are shown for each team.

    All league fixtures are merged, sorted into date order and presented as a Diary. Conflicting fixtures are highlighted.

  • Teams

  • Team selection for the next matches. Selected players should respond by marking the team sheet on the club notice board or by contacting their team captain. There are email links to some of the captains, those without links may confirm their email address.
    Captains who enter their team selection on the website can print the team sheet onto A5 card in a form suitable to put on the notice board.

  • Results

  • There is a sub-menu of bowling seasons. Each season has a performance summary, an achievement summary and a team menu. There is a page for every WBBC bowling team showing the result of each league game in a table of players and opposing teams. Winning scores of 21 are omitted; an entry in black is the opponent's losing score, an entry in red is our player's losing score. Team and player performance are summarised. Negative player averages are shown in red. Aggregates and point totals for lost matches are shown in red.
    Each bowling team's page has a link to its league table.
    The pages for pairs teams have an additional table summarising individual contributions.

  • Competitions

  • All competitions are open to members of other bowling clubs. Entry forms will be posted on the notice board.

  • Newsletter

  • A printable version of the WBBC published newsletter. Your browser's "Print Review" can be used to achieve the best effect; try using "shrink to fit" with minimal right and bottom page margins. The smaller A5 paper/card version is better for distribution.

  • Gallery

  • There are about ten public albums of photographs. The selection of an album from the menu will present a matrix of the photos within the album.
    Members issued with their own 'log in' can upload copies of their important documents (e.g. passport, driving license, insurance certificate) to a private album.

    'Home' - return to the menu of albums.
    'Log in' - general administration and private album management.

    Visitors may post comments on individual photographs. Gallery uses a session identity cookie.

  • Membership

  • Any one that has an interest in participating in the sports, games and recreational or social activities adopted by the club is eligible for membership. The benefits and privileges of membership include the right to the use of the club's premises and bowling green without further charge. The 2018 annual subscription is £20. The reduced subscription for Country Members, Junior Members and qualifying Senior Members is £11. Members must be admitted by election by the Management Committee. A candidate must be proposed by submitting an application form to the General Secretary.

  • Contacts

  • Our postal address is 43 Buxton Road, Whaley Bridge, High Peak, Derbyshire, SK23 7HX, UK

    Email links to contacts are via club aliases (e.g. that route emails through to the person's nominated email address :

    Bowling Club: 01663 732120 
    General SecretaryKath Dranfield  
    Bar ManagerJohn Golpin  
    Concert SecretaryGary Clarke
    WebsitePeter Hague01663
    Bowling SecretaryJoe Pyke
    Whaley Open OrganiserDaniel Golpin
    Team Captains:   
    Buxton ADaniel Golpin
    Buxton BChris Bentley  
    North Derbyshire Vets AAlan Reeves
    North Derbyshire Vets BPeter Hague07597
    North Derbyshire AJohn Golpin  
    North Derbyshire BKyle Brown
    North Derbyshire Lady VetsSylvia Livesey  
    North Derbyshire Ladies AAdele Burton  
    North Derbyshire Ladies BSusan Gardner  
    High Peak Mixed PairsSarah Golpin  
    Stockport VetsDavid Bailey
    StockportJohn Golpin  
    British C.G.B.A.   
    Cheshire C.G.B.A.   
    Derbyshire C.G.B.A.   
    Blank Result Sheets:   
    Buxton & District (facsimile)   
    High Peak Mixed Pairs (official)   
    High Peak Mixed Pairs (facsimile)   
    North Derbyshire (official)   
    North Derbyshire (facsimile)   
    Stockport & District Vets (facsimile)   
    Stockport & District (facsimile)   
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