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Whaley Bridge is in the High Peak District of Derbyshire, UK about 7 miles north of Buxton and 16 miles south-east of Manchester. The Bowling Club's pavilion and bowling green date from 1907. Access is on Buxton Road between the Primary School and the School Garage.

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Bowling Club:
01663 732120
General Secretary
Kath Dranfield
Bar Manager
John Golpin
07725 429715
Concert Secretary
Gary Clarke
Peter Hague
01663 750871
Bowling Secretary
Joe Pyke
01663 733878
Whaley Open Organiser
Daniel Golpin
07714 593158
Team Captains:
Buxton A
Buxton B
Chris Bentley
North Derbyshire Vets A
Alan Reeves
North Derbyshire Vets B
Peter Hague
07597 810654
North Derbyshire A
North Derbyshire B
Kyle Brown
07875 505036
North Derbyshire Lady Vets
North Derbyshire Ladies A
North Derbyshire Ladies B
High Peak Mixed Pairs
Sarah Golpin
Stockport Vets
David Bailey
British C.G.B.A.
Cheshire C.G.B.A.
Derbyshire C.G.B.A.
Blank Result Sheets:
Buxton & District (facsimile)
High Peak Mixed Pairs (official)
High Peak Mixed Pairs (facsimile)
North Derbyshire (official)
North Derbyshire (facsimile)
Stockport & District Vets (facsimile)
Stockport & District (facsimile)

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